MIiracle Center Men's Ministry are men banding together to hold each other accountable, give each other access to each other gifts snd talent. Most importantly give each other a safe place to open up, reach out and save the man the embrassment of asking  for help.



Honor  Empower Relate


Miracle Center Women's Ministry's are women who Honor, Empower, and Relate. 


Honor - Our aim is to live with a standard of conduct that demonstrates honor to God in every aspect of our lives. Our displays of honor to God are in recognizing spiritual leadership as delegated positions under the authority of God, respecting the establishment of the marriage covenant, and by giving high esteem to others as having a valuable role as part of the family of God. 


Empower - We aim to live a life that is empowered by the Holy Spirit so we may be the light that shines bright through live a life of victory. We aim to use the power we have been given for victory to empower others with hope, joy, and the matchless love of God. 


Relate - We aim to live a life that is yielded to the Holy Spirit, so we may listen and obey the promptings of His voice to help others in need. We aim to relate to all individuals as children of God with no respect for race, gender, religion, educational or economic status.


We are Women that represent HER!




We praise with one voice, one sound, one frequency to the One Living God Creator.

We sing to bring life, break chains, remove burdens, and to restore the soul. 

We clap to shift atmospheres, sound an alarm, scatter the enemy, and bring health.  

We dance to because we have the victory, we win, and can never be defeated. 




The MCKids Ministry Team are not babysitters, but we builders and developers of children. 

We see every child as a blessing from God carrying a purpose that needs to be developed. 

We see every child carrying a call from God that we want to shape. 

MC Kidz are the future teachers, prophets, evangelist, preachers, pastors, and leaders. 


MCKids are the future!